Friday, August 26, 2005


Assignment 1

Assignment 1

750 word minimum (3-5 pages)
Rough draft due Sep. 10
Final draft due Sep. 17
Type and double space

Imagine that the world has finally recognized you for the genius you are. A magazine editor has asked you for a story that helped make you such an amazing person. Your loyal public wants to hear about an event that had an impact on you and helped form your personality. The story should reveal your character before the incident and show how the event changed your life. (Also, please enclose a copy of your resume with the paper.)

Some questions to keep in mind as you write your essay:

Did you turn in the rough draft?
Would a reader finish this story if he didn't have to?
Is the event clearly defined?
Are the scenes and people presented vividly?
Is the paper well-organized?
Is the significance of the event clear?
Are your spelling and grammar acceptable?
Did you attach a copy of your résumé?

If you have any questions with this, bring them up in class or see me in my office.

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